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ExtreMe Series
UE-200 USB 2.0 Fast LAN Adapter
Epraizer ExtreMe UE-200 USB2.0 Fast LAN ADAPTER provides faster and more reliable network access upto 3X faster than typical 802.11 wireless networking. ItíŽs designed particularly for web video, data downloads, and video & audio streaming.
  Features & Specification
  • Fast & Reliable internet connection:
    Upto 3X faster than typical 802.11 wireless access.
  • Designed for Apple Macbook air, Ultrabook and devices
    w/o Ethernet socket
  • No External power needed: USB2.0 bus powered
    RJ-45 network port for any 10/100 Mbps network.
  • Support TCP / IP, NetBeui, IPX/SPX
  • Drivers free:
    Mac OS Lion 10.5 +
    Chrome OS
    Window 8 Surface Pro 1 & 2
  • Length: 8 cm