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SmartCombo Series
Epraizer MHL 260 MHL to HDMI TV adapter
Epraizer MHL-260 is designed for connecting advanced Android smartphones & tablets to HDTV which provides consumers a more delightful experience by displaying mobile phone contents like videos, photos, Apps & games on HD & big screen.
  • Support for 1080p 60Hz full HD video, including 2D and 3D formats.
  • Upto 8 channels of digital audio While charging the mobile devices.
  • Faster charging of the latest smartphones and tablets when connected to MHL-enabled DTVs or monitors.
  • Cable length :
  • HDMI: Ver 1.3
  • Power Adaptor Input: 5V/500mA
  • Mobile device's AC to USB adaptor & HDMI cable are Excluded in package
  Smart Phone Compatible
  Samsung Epic / 4G / Touch / Galaxy / Nexus / Note /  
  S II / R / Skyrocket HD  
  HTC Flyer / Amaze 4G / Rezound Sensation /  
  XE / 4G / Vivid EVO 3D / 4G LTE /  
  View 4G RaiderE / VelocityE / JetStream One SE / X  
  LG Verizon Spectrum / Nitro HD /  
  Prada Lenovo S2 / Pantech Vega LTE /  
  Optimus LTE / LTE w/ NFC / Vu / 4X HD / 3D Max  
  Sony Xperia GX / ZTE PF200  
  Others Android / MHL supported devices