If SC-900 / UP-850 can not work properly under Win 7 ?
  If the device of SC-900 / UP-850 can not be found under Win 7, please go up to download driver ( Driver Installing Note : Make sure card reader is connected to PC before driver install )
Win 7_64 bit on Smart Card Reader ?
  If the smart card does not work properly on Win 7_64 bit, please go to " Support " to download driver Win 7_64 bit for install.
How to use SIM card editor ?
  Please install SIM driver by CD accompanied of product .
Then click the SIM editor icon which locates on the PC desk or find it at software lists to activate SIM software.
No contact-list info found when using SIM editor ?
  Please make sure the contact-list are saved on SIM card, not save on cellphone indide memory. If not, please move or copy contact-lists to SIM card.
How to use the Smart card ?
  Please install the SIM driver.
Smart Application : e-Commerce e-Banking
e-Games Online Entry Security
Public On-line Data Check & Register

ex. If you want to use Web ATM to T/T your money V

a) Put the Banking Cash Card into the card reader.
b) Go to the banking website where youd like to connect, choose ATM function page to follow its operating instruction.

Note : At the first time in use, the Active X should be asked to download to PC from website requests.

Why Smart card can not be used ?

1) Please check you have installed the SIM driver by CD driver attached in packaging.

2) Please make sure the "Smart Card" at Service setting item under Windows setting which the Smart Card's status must be set to "Activated " and "Auto "

3) Be sure to install the " Active X " when linking to Websites that will request you to install it. And if it does not show up, please choose " Allow " from Anti Virus software alert on Website upper screen frame flashing.

What office systems can be compatible ?
  Memory Card : Win 2000 / XP / Vista / Mac 10.x above.
SIM Card Editor : Win 2000 / XP / Vista
Smart Card : Win 2000 / XP / Vista
Mac supports Smart / SIM card ?
  No, Microsoft Window can be compatible only.
Where are the Drivers to download ?
  Website download : //
Any further questions and trouble shooting, please contact :